Top Websites to become a React.js Developer in 2023

Link to Top Websites to become a React.js Developer in 2023
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React.js is one of the most popular front-end development libraries and it's used heavily by all kinds of companies, both big and small, both startups and investment banks etc.

There is also a lot of demand for React.js developers as there are not many developers who understand React and create React components and React.js based applications.

There are a lot of React jobs on Indeed, and more than 30K React.js jobs are availabe.

Here are the top websites to learn React.js in 2023 which are the resources from React experts.

Just in case if you have any other useful React websites which teach React development then feel free to suggest.

1. React official website

This is an React official website. We should learn and read more the details from the official documentation first. It was written by the professional and almost no mistake in their tutorial.

2. Udemy Courses

This is one of the best platforms that I suggest people take a look at and learn from their thousands of free online courses in different industries from marketing to business and technology and various programming languages and React is one of them and there are more than three thousand courses only for this topic.

This React.js course is not free but one of the biggest courses intended to help you build an amazing and useful React application such as single page application and learning advanced Redux routing deploying the app and more.

3. Coursera

Coursera is another great platform that offers online courses, specialization, online degrees, and professional courses created by the top tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc, and top universities around the world as well as organizations in different industries such as data science and programming, and React.js.

Starting with the best course for React called Front-End Web Development with React and will teach you its component and JSX then move to some advanced concepts such as React routing and designing a single page application and the flow architecture and Redux creating client-server communication and how to use the REST API and more.

4. freeCodeCamp

There are many good resources to learn React.js on freeCodeCamp and Build an Online Store is one of the best projects that you can see to learn how to use React and other technology combining them to create a useful project and deploy it in amazon web service AWS and adding some features such as strip payment to be a complete store created from scratch in one video.

4. W3schools

W3schools is the world's largest web developer learning site. Complete the learning modules, pass the exam, and get the certification trusted by top companies and institutions worldwide.

You can upgrade your CV by documenting your React knowledge with the W3schools React certification.

More +50,000 certified developers that trusted W3schools certificates to jumpstart their careers!

That's all about the Best websites to learn React.js in 2023. You can join any of these websites and online course platforms to learn Reactjs from scratch.

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